Tips for Finding the Best SAT/ACT Prep Class For You

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Did you know that studying for the SAT/ACT in Charleston, SC can be a collaborative effort? One of the advantages of taking a SAT/ACT Prep class is the guidance and support from an expert teacher in a group setting with their peers. Not all classes are high quality, so it’s important to do some research before committing to one. While it is not required that students take a SAT/ACT prep class in Charleston, SC, it has been proven very beneficial especially for students who struggle coming up with a study plan of their own. So what makes a good SAT/ACT test prep class?

• Teacher Knowledge – The best prep classes will only be taught by teachers who are experts at the exam they’re teaching. Look for classes whose teachers scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and/or ACT. They should also  have plenty of experience tutoring and/or teaching and should have undergone fairly intensive training.

• Exceptional Homework and Study Materials – A good sign of a good Charleston SAT tutor is the quality of the homework and study materials that they provide. The homework assignments should mimic what they have been studying in class and similar to the actual question that will be on the exam. Our Charleston ACT tutors give students responsive, adaptive homework so you can study the concepts and practice the types of questions you need the most help with.

• Customized Curriculum – Other than tailored homework, a great prep class will personalize the curriculum to its students so that those taking the class can concentrate on improving their biggest weaknesses. Our expert teachers try and get to know their students to be able to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are.

• Proven Past Results – Our proven test-taking strategies have helped thousands of students improve their SAT & ACT scores. Ask the tutor what the average number of points their former students increased their scores by. Another good way is to talk to former students themselves about their experience.

• Positive Student Testimonials – The final indication of a great ACT or SAT prep course in Charleston, SC is whether it has positive testimonials from actual students who’ve taken the class.

These reviews can tell you a few important details:

  • Whether students improved as much as they wanted to (i.e., did they hit their goal score?)
  • Whether students achieved the program’s guaranteed score result
  • Whether the students enjoyed the class atmosphere and found the homework useful

These are the main key qualities that every great SAT/ACT prep class should have. Be sure to look for these before you commit to a particular class!

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