Get into your dream college by scoring higher on the SAT.

At Attest, we offer online SAT prep courses that help students increase their SAT scores. Our online SAT courses are taught by  actual teachers who have scored in the top 1% of the SAT themselves, have years of teaching experience, and have helped thousands of students crush the SAT using our proven test prep methods. Our mission is to offer top-level SAT preparation classes at a fraction of the cost of other SAT courses. 

Meet Your SAT Prep Teacher

Since his youngest years, Tim Anderson been preparing to help his students with the SAT. When he was in high school, a SAT competition was formed in his home state of South Carolina, and Tim won the state championship. As a certified public school teacher, Tim taught the SAT elective class at his high school, which grew from one class of 15 students each semester to 4 classes with over a hundred students each semester and a lengthy wait-list (getting great results has a way of doing that). 

As an independent teacher for the past few years, Tim has helped thousands of students at over 70 schools throughout the United States and 15 schools outside of the US earn the SAT score they want for college admissions and scholarships. Tim’s philosophy of teaching is this: people love to learn, as long as it is entertaining. In class, Tim shares his SAT expertise with a sense of humor and energy that is simply unrivaled. An SAT class can be both enlightening and entertaining… it doesn’t have to be boring! Come join Tim and see what all the buzz is about!


"Thank you Tim Anderson for your help preparing me for the SAT. My initial goal was PalmettoFellows. With your help, especially with testing strategies, I was able to not only achieve my initial score but also score in the top 94% of students in the nation! I now have many more opportunities available to me."

“Tim is the best because he sees what you aren’t so good at and works to make it a strength. I got into my number one college because of his help. Tim is amazing.”

I went into the exam feeling like I had a strategy that would lead to the score I wanted, and that strategy worked. Feeling confident and prepared is half the battle and the key to achieving success on college admissions tests, and the services offered by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Sullivan ensure this feeling.”