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Our proven test-taking strategies have helped thousands of students improve their SAT & ACT scores. Our live online SAT courses are taught by actual high school teachers who have scored in the top 1% of the SAT themselves, not just random instructors. 


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SAT & ACT scores are an important part of a student’s college application. Here are a few reasons why:

SAT scores are used as a cut-off in admissions.

Admissions officers often use SAT scores to screen applications. If your scores aren’t high enough, your extracurriculars and essays might not even be reviewed. 

High SAT scores can make up for weaker application areas.

A great SAT score can make up for a weak grade in a class or a less-developed extracurricular profile. A higher SAT score can certainly give you a boost and increase your chance of acceptance.

SAT scores can impact your scholarship chances.

Some schools offer SAT-based scholarships and your SAT scores can factor into other scholarship applications as well. Because of this, you want to make sure your SAT score is competitive.

Meet Your
SAT Prep Teacher

Tim Anderson is a former classroom teacher who loves what he does: preparing students for success on college admissions tests. As a public school teacher, it bothered him that quality SAT/ACT preparation oftentimes seems only to be available for the students who can afford the ridiculously high price tags that usually accompany it. Attest was founded on the belief that quality test preparation should be available to all students, and that very mission continues today.


"Thank you Tim Anderson for your help preparing me for the SAT. My initial goal was PalmettoFellows. With your help, especially with testing strategies, I was able to not only achieve my initial score but also score in the top 94% of students in the nation! I now have many more opportunities available to me."

“Tim is the best because he sees what you aren’t so good at and works to make it a strength. I got into my number one college because of his help. Tim is amazing.”

I went into the exam feeling like I had a strategy that would lead to the score I wanted, and that strategy worked. Feeling confident and prepared is half the battle and the key to achieving success on college admissions tests, and the services offered by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Sullivan ensure this feeling.”

Higher SAT scores for a low monthly price.

Get hands-on live SAT & ACT training taught by a top 1% SAT prep teacher for less than $4 a day.






The weight placed on SAT scores will vary from school to school. Colleges and universities also consider high school grade point average and academic transcript, letters of recommendation, interviews, and personal essays when deciding on admissions. In addition, virtually all U.S. colleges and universities will accept ACT scores in lieu of SAT scores. For more specific information about the weight of your scores, contact the admissions offices of the schools to which you will apply.

We recommend that you give yourself a minimum of 6 weeks to prepare for the SAT. This is why our full SAT preparation training is 6 weeks long. If you’re confused about when to take the SAT, contact us for more info.

SAT registration deadlines fall approximately 5 weeks before each test date. To register by mail, fill out the registration form in the College Board’s Bulletin for the SAT Program. You can get a free copy of this publication from your school counselor. Or you can call ETS at 609–771–7600 and they’ll send you one free of charge. You can also register online at www.collegeboard.com.

To enroll, just choose one of our four live training offerings and click “Get Access”. You will be prompted a checkout page where you will choose a login name – this can be either the student or parent email, as it doesn’t matter. Then, choose a password, ideally one that can be shared between the parent and student. Then, enter your payment information via PayPal. You can use a debit or credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. 

After payment is received you have full access to live SAT training! You will receive a webinar link & password that will be used to watch the live training. You can also access this information by logging into your account.

The program is 100% all online. You do NOT need to drive anywhere or meet in any prep centers. All you need for our program is an internet connection and a fairly modern computer – generally, any computer from the last 10 years is fine.

ABSOLUTELY! Easily 80% of the math content that is on the SAT is also asked in some form or fashion on the ACT. Additionally, the SAT’s Writing & Language test is practically identical to the ACT English test, with the only exception being that the SAT’s test incorporates graphs into its test. Furthermore, the reading tests are practically the same, with two major exceptions: the SAT’s Reading test includes graphs on some of the passages, and the SAT likes to ask a particular question combination that involves using textual evidence to support the answer the student gave for the previous question. Aside from those two differences, the reading tests are practically the same. With that said, preparing for the SAT undoubtedly prepares a student for the ACT in many, many ways as well.