Terms & Conditions


Please refer here if You/Your Student is enrolled in an Attest SAT Prep Course. For tutoring and admissions consulting orders, please refer to the applicable agreement below.

  1. Children. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Attest, LLC does not permit children under 13 years of age to become users without their parent or guardian’s express consent and approval. By using Our Website and enrolling in any of Our courses, You represent You are not under 13 years of age.
  2. One Person Per Account. You agree that only one person will use each account that You purchase from Attest, LLC. Attest, LLC may restrict access to Your account with no refund provided if We believe the account is being used by more than one person. In such a case, if in fact only one person was using the account, Attest, LLC will restore that account.
  3. Course Access. You/Your Student will have access to the number of courses purchased with the pricing plan. Additional access may be permitted upon written request to hello@satprepteacher.com.
  4. Late Arrival. No adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by You/Your Student. Attest, LLC will compensate for the late arrival of an instructor by extending a class (“lesson”) for the time forfeited.
  5. Rescheduling. Occasionally, due to various circumstances, We may change a course schedule, location, or instructor. While this is unlikely, We will do our best to accommodate you if you wish to move into a different course, including waiving any applicable transfer fees.
  6. Cancellation. Occasionally, due to various circumstances, We may cancel a course entirely. If we cancel a course in which You/Your Student are registered and are unable to reschedule You/Your Student into another course that is acceptable to You/Your Student, we will refund all tuition You/Your Student have paid, and We will have no further liability to You/Your Student regarding the canceled course.
  7. Code of Conduct. Students shall not engage in disruptive behavior, which includes but is not limited to: harassment of any kind, hate speech, or discriminatory behavior during any Attest, LLC course. This also includes but is not limited to defamatory statements against Attest, LLC, its employees or contractors. In the event an instructor believes a student is engaging in disruptive behavior, the instructor may ask the student to leave the session immediately. If the student refuses to leave, their Attest, LLC account will be suspended indefinitely and no refunds, prorated or otherwise, will be given. If Your Student leaves by logging out of their live online virtual classroom, tutoring session or college admissions consultation, an Attest, LLC representative will follow-up with You/Your Student to convey expectations regarding future behavior before the next session. If Your Student has any future incidents, their account will be suspended indefinitely and no refunds, prorated or otherwise, will be given. Attest, LLC reserves the right to indefinitely suspend and/or remove Your Student from any course for disruptive behavior, and in doing so, no refunds, prorated or otherwise, will be given.
  8. Recordings. All Attest, LLC class sessions, tutoring sessions and instruction sessions of any kind are recorded for quality assurance and administrative purposes. By visiting, logging into, or participating in any class, tutoring session or instruction session of any kind, you consent to the recording of your presence, participation, and any video or audio feeds you enable in that session.
  9. Copyright. You understand that all Attest, LLC course materials and methods are the exclusive property of Attest, LLC and You agree not to copy, disclose, reproduce, sell, or otherwise distribute any information, materials, or methods obtained from us.