How to Prep for SAT, ACT During Covid

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Here’s a list of things you should do amid Covid to ensure you’re ready when your next ACT/SAT test date arrives:


Register for an ACT or SAT Test Date Immediately

To ensure you maintain an explicit end goal for your studies, do not delay registering for either the SAT or ACT exam. Deadlines are important in goal-setting because they help you remain motivated. Having an uncertain deadline can cause you to delay or waste time while knowing a deadline is approaching can add productive pressure to your routine.

Join a Virtual Study Group

Right now, distance learning is the safest way for you to continue your study endeavors. Forming a virtual study group with friends through a website like Facebook or via your school is a great way to ensure you do not lose traction.

Serious study groups tend to be successful because they foster an atmosphere of accountability and provide a support network. Students who report being motivated by competition can also benefit from being part of an online study group. Just remember to err on the side of friendly competition that serves as an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Helpful platforms for online study include but are not limited to Skype, Zoom, and UberConference. Also, do not forget to take advantage of resources like Attest, where you can find ACT and SAT prep classes online.

Set Rewards for Yourself for Achieving Test Prep Milestones

Not everyone is motivated by the same factors. Some people are intrinsically motivated, meaning they derive satisfaction from nontangible rewards such as self-betterment. Others are externally motivated, meaning they are driven by the idea of receiving physical rewards such as money or a trophy.

If you classify yourself as an externally motivated learner, now would be the perfect time to decide how you will reward yourself should you meet your test prep goals. For instance, you could buy yourself some new clothes or treat yourself to a nice takeout dinner.

How to Stay Focused on Prep

Limiting screen time outside of SAT or ACT test prep is a good goal to set for yourself. We’ve all been there when you go on social media just to catch up real quick and end up mindlessly scrolling for hours. Try and set a designated time each day for an hour or so a day to allow yourself social media time, then put the phone away. This also applies to television, video games, or computer games.

Once you have your test date scheduled, come up with a study schedule that you can follow each day. For example, if your test date is 3 months away try and set a scheduled time each day where you can study for 1 hour every day.

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned daily routines upside down, but it does not have to affect your productivity. Make the most of this uncertain time by advancing significantly with your ACT or SAT test prep at home. Later on, you will be thankful you did.

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